• How To: Board and Batten

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    A few months ago, Manly and I installed a board and batten wall treatment in our girl’s room. It was one of those rooms that was seriously lacking in character! Most of our house has things like fantastic pitched roof-lines, crown molding, and interesting shapes to give it some pizazz…but, not Lulu and Miss June’s room. It was as boring as it could be. We already felt bad because the two girls REALLY wanted to be in Baby’s “pink” room (it was that color when we moved in, NO, I did not paint it that color. I have standards. tee hee) so I scoured the Internet and got to work.

    Since then, several people have asked for a board and batten tutorial. I thought about it, then decided it was silly to redo a tutorial when there are some AWESOME ones already done! Here are two of my favorites! They are different. I wanted you to see that you could take this as complex or as simple as you wanted to. Both work great and both homes look amazing!

    The first one is from stellar Miss Mandy over at Vintage Revivals. I <3 her blog. She has fantastic taste and is super thrifty. She’s also a little eclectic, like yours truly. She gets me. You’ll love her stuff.


    Mandi's Board and Batten Tutorial

    via Vintage Revivals

    Can we talk about how much I want that yellow mirror?

    The second one is from a darling gal named Natalie, a HGTV Design Star Alumni, who blogs at Designed to the Nines. She is also a thrifty chick and you guys know how much I adore that in a person!! She recently moved to Arizona, and it has been fun watching her transform her new place into a beautiful and inspiring home for her family.


     Designed to the Nines' Board and Batten Tutorial
     Wait until you check out her stencil job she just did on the wall to the left!

    So, there you go, two fantastic tutorials on board and batten.

    I love it! I might possibly have a little glimmer of an idea for my dark living room in the back of my mind now… Nobody tell my hubs.


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