• My first dutch braid {Gypsy Magpie}

    Going a Little Girly

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    I was one of the lucky few to grow up with 5 younger brothers.

    I LOVED it! {It probably helped that I was a tomboy.} We played in the mud, caught lizards, lit spiders on fire, and blew up stuff. Life was dirty, sticky, and full of surprises.

    Flash forward a decade…

    I now have 3 DAUGHTERS!

    I think the Lord has had a good laugh over that one!

    These girls still love mud, camping, fishing, and having fun (thank goodness!), but they also love princesses, fairies, baby dolls, and all things that glitter. Needless to say, I have seriously struggled with their hair. Doing hair at our house usually consists of me slapping a giant flower or frilly bow on their head and calling it good. Unfortunately, the girls are getting older and wiser and I am having to up my game. *sigh*

    Recently, I taught myself how to french braid. Baby steps, right? Should I mention that “recently” actually means I spent the past 4 years unsuccessfully trying to learn? Nope, we will just stick with “recently”. My problem is that I am a visual learner. I need someone to physically show me what to do.

    Enter Mindy at Cute Girls Hairstyles!

    Not only are there pictures of all the incredible hairdo’s she tries, but she also has VIDEOS!
    Today with Mindy’s… um… help,  I learned to do a dutch braid!

    Miss June was very very VERY excited and proud of her mama. *blush*

    My first dutch braid {Gypsy Magpie}
    (Please excuse my pathetically tiny photo, my phone hates me today)

    Check it out, you’ll love it!

    Oh, and if you get a few moments, read Mindy’s family’s adoption story. It is incredible. I bawled all afternoon.

    *What new girly thing have you learned lately?*


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  • The Bennetts
    26 August 2011

    I love her site. Any success I’ve had with my girls hair is from something learned on her site! This post could have been written by me, with a few detail changes. No wonder I like you so much!