• Sunsets are Therapeutic

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    They should NOT allow women with multiple children to attend church without a significant other/referee/hired thug. I thought I’d figured that out last week, but today really cemented it for me! Lulu was in rare form today… which was not helped by the “dry-councilman” going over time. I took the baby out once, June out twice, and then the real fun began. Lulu decided she didn’t want to go to class.

    Yay for me. {Sarcasm}
    I know you are supposed to pick your battles, but I can’t help thinking I made the right choice on this one. I don’t want her to think that if she throws a fit, that she can go home. She is S M A R T. She’d latch on to that one and run with it in a heartbeat! So, I put her on time out in an empty room and she then decided to spin her head, like in the Exorcist. Really. And who got to witness the whole ordeal?? Other than half the ward as they walked by, my Bishop got a front row seat. If DCFS shows up tonight, I guess I will know why. But, I guess if time out is now considered wrong, then I am screwed because I’ve got no options left!

    The most embarrassing part? I started to cry. Yep, I showed fear in the face of danger. The lions now know I am weak. But, what can a girl do? If crying is a talent, than I have oodles of it. I spent the rest of the block sitting sheepishly in my chair, hoping that no one would talk to me. They didn’t, so it all worked out in my favor because the march of the tears was eminent.

    I think I wanted to go home more than my daughter!

    Tonight, after I got the children of the corn in bed, I went out and sat on the front porch step. There was the most amazing sunset full of pinks, oranges, golds, and shades of violet. For a moment, there was still, palpable peace. I could almost touch it. Sunsets are therapeutic. In that moment, I had a visual reminder that tomorrow is another day… a fresh start. I’m giving it my all and nobody can make me feel embarrassed or bad about that. As Annie would say, “The sun will come out tomorrow.”

    I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite Conference talks by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin.

    Read the full talk HERE, it’s amazing and will always be one of very favorites.

    Elder Wirthlin, tomorrow, I will do my best and then leave the rest to Him.



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  • Chevon Bayless
    18 July 2011

    My husband works crazy hours, especially in summer, so I have been alone at church a lot lately too, so I feel you! Last week Miles(my three year old) colored all over his chair! I wondered how long people were watching him do it until I finally noticed and stopped him! So fun!