• Sunrises are Over-rated

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    Sunrises are Cuckoo {Gypsy Magpie}

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    This past week I have been going against my natural clock and waking up early.

    I’ve decided that sunrises are over-rated.

    No, seriously, it’s actually been a lot better than I thought it would be. Other than the fact that I feel a little like that dead rabbit up there on the clock… setting a curfew for myself has really helped. I miss my “me” time, but I have felt so much more ready for the day when morning comes. After a real rough night with my Baby Girl crying and Miss June’s nightmares, I slipped and slept in one morning. Of course, that was the day that 2 visitors decided to pop in, my house was a wreck, had an appointment that I missed, a class 45 minutes away, and a provident living newsletter to type (which by the way, formatting a newsletter is torture and death I tell you! But that’s besides the point.)

    I guess what I learned this week is, in order to avoid unnecessary chaos, I need to pry my lazy body out of bed, early.

    My dad says one day my body will get used to it again… that my natural clock will reset itself and getting up won’t be so hard.

    I sure hope he is right.


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