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Disclosure & Advertising:

I’ve thought long and hard about the overall feel of this blog and I’ve decided on one main goal… I want this blog to be a safe place, filled with light, where we can learn and grow together. In a world full of sadness and heartache, I want to add whatever joy I can.

With that end in mind, I hope you can understand that I am a wife, mama, blogger, DIY addict, and friend NOT a saleswoman or product peddler.

When you see products on this blog, it’s because I like them. If I am given a product to review, I will share my honest thoughts even if it isn’t a popular opinion. If I do get paid, you can rest assured that I like and use the product in my own home. I choose to be true to myself and that means being honest and having integrity, even when there is money involved. If a post is sponsored or there are affiliate links involved, you can bet there will be full disclosure. I am also very picky with the ads I allow on my side bar. That being said, I hope you’ll understand the time, energy, and money that goes into writing a blog. From domain fees, themes, server space, and other behind the screen tech to wood, paint, and cost of projects, blogging isn’t cheap. For that reason there will be a little advertising on my website… just enough so the hubby doesn’t make me quit.

Anyhoo, if you are looking for door-to-door sales, better wait for the pest control dudes or the vacuum lady because you won’t find that here. Maybe that’s not the way to make a living blogging, but that’s alright with me. I’m just doing my best to spread a little sunshine.

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