• Determined Woman {Gypsy Magpie}


    There is something amazing about you, Woman.

    You are soft and tender, yet tough as nails. You are Mother Earth and Mother Bear, whether mother or not. You take the day on the chin and then come back for more the next morning.

    You listen and feel on a level that even you can not fathom.

    You lift heavy hearts, wipe fallen tears, strengthen the weak, inspire, support, trust, love… create.

    When you dream, fear departs and the wide world awaits. Miracles, big and small ripple from your smallest movement. Do you see them?

    When true to the light inside your soul, you can move the very mountains that loom forebodingly before you. You are strong, splendid, stunning, faith filled, and true.

    Yet, you doubt yourself.

    Woman, realize the power that you possess.


    Determined Woman {Gypsy Magpie}


    You are more than the limitations you place upon yourself.

    For if man is that he might have joy… and so are you.


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